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Mental Health at Work: How to Seek Help

While minor accidents are common in the workplace and quickly addressed, higher instances of stress, mental illness, and workplace bullying are being seen across all industries.  If you are suffering where do you go to get help?  If you see signs of mental distress in a fellow employee, how can you help?  The following from The Globe and Mail discusses how and where to seek help if you are concerned.

The Globe and Mail:  Where to get help when you’re concerned with your mental health

Learn more about strategies to improve mental health in the workplace in the following episode from our OT-V series:


Vacation Plans? Consult our Accessible Travel Guide

Are you travelling this summer?   Be prepared with our guide to travelling with a disability.

Travelling with a disability can be difficult, but with thorough planning it can be a wonderful experience.  Our free E-Book on Accessible Travel is full of helpful information, tips and checklists to help you plan, pack and prepare for a fantastic getaway.

Solutions for Living:  Accessible Travel E-Book

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Summer Reading Plan

As mentioned in our post, Help Young Minds Stay Sharp this Summer, it can be difficult to keep children’s minds stimulated during the summer months and often many children suffer summer brain drain.  One of the best ways to put a plug on this drain is to encourage regular reading.  Encourage your child to set a SMART Goal for how many books they plan to read this summer and keep track using our free printable summer reading log.  Be sure to build in rewards when your child is on track and when they meet their goal!



























For additional helpful tools for kids and adults visit our Printable Resources Page.


30 Day Healthy Brain Challenge: Day 1

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month and in recognition Solutions for Living is introducing the 30 Day Healthy Brain Challenge.  We challenge you to complete these 30 simple activities and tips which when incorporated into your lifestyle can help improve memory, boost mental health, prevent brain injury and reduce cognitive decline.

Pick and Start a New Novel

Reading is something we encourage in children from a very young age for many reasons including building language skills, developing speech and more.  Taking time to read is something we should continue to encourage, especially in our adult years.  Researchers have studied the effects of reading on the brain and have found that reading a novel can change the brain and these effects last for days after reading has occurred.  From cognition to mental health and everything in between, reading has fantastic benefits for the brain at all ages.

Delve deeper into the research behind how reading improves our brain in the following article from ABC News.

ABC News:  How Reading a Novel Can Improve the Brain

To learn more about other ways reading can improve your health take a look at a previous post from our blog:  Books Can Boost Your Health.

Be sure to follow along the 30 Day Healthy Brain Challenge and let us know how many activities you have completed!



Limit Screen Time for Proper Speech Development

While Ipads, Iphones and tablets alike are filled with programs for young kids and tend to be a helpful distraction in the grocery store or when parents are making dinner, new research indicates that too much time in front of a device may linked to slower speech development in toddlers.  Take a look at the following from PBS which discusses the finding and provides interactive ways parents and young children can use technology together to help build proper speech development.

PBS:  Toddlers’ screen time linked to slower speech development, study finds

Learn how to tame the technology habit with help from our previous post:  Too Much Screen Time? We’ve Got Solutions!


Simple Solutions for a Healthier Diet

If you’re trying to create healthier eating habits you don’t have to start by jumping in with both feet.  Many benefits can be seen by simply swapping many of the everyday items you currently consume for some healthier alternatives.   For some healthy substitutions check out the following care of Net Doctor and start improving your diet today!

Net Doctor:  15 food swaps that make your diet instantly healthier


Struggling with Sleep? Try This Helpful Tool

Proper sleep is vital to our mental and physical health, and lack of sleep can negatively affect productivity and function.  If you suffer from poor sleep, know that you are not alone.  Statistics Canada estimates that approximately 3.5 million Canadians struggle with sleep.  There are many ways to get help and in all of these, tracking your sleep is an important tool.  Use our free printable Two-Part Weekly Sleep Diary to help you track and identify what helps and what hinders your sleep habits.  Simply print and fill in your diaries before bed each night and when you wake up each morning.

Also check out our video Improving Sleep to learn some solutions from Occupational Therapists that can help.

For more helpful tools and checklists please visit our Printable Resources page.


Top Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day!

Saturday, April 22nd, is Earth Day! A day to celebrate the planet that facilitates our survival. With continuing climate change, extreme weather events and heavy pollution, becoming environmentally conscientious has never been more important. Remember that even small changes to your lifestyle and habits can make a difference in protecting our precious planet.  No alternative facts here!

Check out the following simple suggestions to make a positive impact each and every day:


Spring Cleaning 101

It’s Spring and for many of us that means “spring cleaning” time!  Spring cleaning is a great chance to deep clean some of the things you don’t do on a weekly or monthly basis.  Download our free printable Spring Cleaning Checklist for a list of those items we may often overlook to ensure you get a deep clean this spring, leaving you feeling fresh and ready for the beautiful season ahead.



























For additional helpful tools and checklists please visit our Printable Resources Page.