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New Year… New You! Resolutions The Right Way

Happy New Year!  For many of us, this is when we take time to reflect on the previous year, and set Resolutions or Goals for the year ahead. However, significant research highlights that many people who set resolutions or goals for the year end up abandoning these before the end of January. Why does this happen and how can you ensure the positive changes you wish to make come to fruition?

Check out the following infographic created by Weight Watchers on “The Life and Death of a New Year’s Resolution”

new years

Here is a summary of this helpful graphic:

1.       Set A Realistic Goal:   Many people start December 31st or January 1st with the mindset that this is the year for change.  They make a resolution to lose 20 lbs, or eat healthier each and every day, add $10 000 to their savings, or quit smoking immediately.  These resolutions are fantastic!  But are they realistic?  You know yourself and your limitations best.  Ensure the resolution you are making is achievable.  Start small and build upon it.

2.       Create a Plan with Milestones:  If you are hoping to lose 20 lbs in 2015 it would be extremely unhealthy and unlikely to do this in one month.  Create a plan of what is an attainable amount to lose each month to reach this goal and HOW you can accomplish this.  If you’re struggling with creating this plan, enlist the help of a professional who can help you along the way!

3.       Make Your Goals and Milestones Public:  Use social media to your advantage!  Making your goal public on facebook or simply via an announcement to your friends will help hold you accountable, thus helping you stick to your plans.

4.       Celebrate Success:  When you reach a milestone on your plan, it’s time to celebrate!  Take time out to be proud of what you have accomplished and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.  Knowing that you accomplished a small part of your plan will keep you motivated toward the next goal.

5.       Use Technology:  In the world today it’s easy to find apps, and devices to help you reach your goal.  Whether looking to save money, reduce debt, lose weight or kick a bad habit, as Apple says:  “there’s an app for that!”  Invest in a FitBit (or other wearable device) or app to help you with your goals.

Check out the following lists of the best apps of 2014 from Healthline to help you meet your goals!

Diet and Fitness

Smoking Cessation

Healthy Lifestyle

Whatever your resolution we hope these tips help you to make 2015 your healthiest and happiest year yet! 





The 12 Days of Inspiration: Day 12

On the 12th Day of Inspiration an OT gave to me…The Ice Bucket Challenge

This summer it seemed like the entire world, from the Average Joe to celebrities and politicians, were dumping freezing cold buckets of ice over their heads to raise awareness for ALS. And the challenge did just that. Raising $115 million in the US alone, and educating millions of people in the process, ALS is now more understood across the globe and researchers can use the funds to hopefully find a cure. The following is a deeply moving reminder of WHY this challenge was important.


The 12 Days of Inspiration: Day 11

On the 11th day of inspiration my OT gave to me… A Soul Surfer taking on the Amazing Race.

Bethany Hamilton, best known as the inspiration for the movie Soul Surfer, who lost her arm from a shark bite at age 13 has overcome many challenges in her life. She and her husband Adam took on the challenge of a lifetime and had a fantastic and inspiring performance the 25th season of the Amazing Race.


The 12 Days of Inspiration: Day 9

On the 9th Day of Inspiration an OT gave to me…a dolphin who has changed the world of amputation and prosthetics.

Thanks to the hard work of Clearwater Marine Aquarium and the magic of Hollywood “Winter”, this dolphin has become a well-known symbol of hope across the world. Winter wears a prosthetic tail due to an amputation from injuries sustained from getting tangled in a crab trap. Each year thousands of people, young and old, who have experienced injury, illness and disability visit her to seek inspiration and assistance with their healing process.


The 12 Days of Inspiration: Day 7

On the 7th Day of Inspiration an OT gave to me…the story of an amazing young athlete excelling in 3 different sports, all with the use of only one arm.

Riley Quinn was born without a left forearm and hand, and has used this to fuel his desire to accomplish great things. Riley is a straight A student, plays all star baseball, football and basketball. See his amazing story here.


They 12 Days of Inspiration: Day 6

On the 6th Day of Inspiration an OT gave to me…the story of a 19 year old girl who has used her love for basketball to inspire the world to fight for a cure for the cancer she has.

Lauren Hill developed a love for the game of basketball at a young age and developed her skills throughout highschool.  Now in College, Lauren is working to be a normal student and a part of her team, all the while dying from an inoperable form of brain cancer. The foundation Layup 4 Lauren was created as a tribute and has raised awareness and funds for cancer research.