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How to Have a Safe Halloween

Tuesday is Halloween, a night when children dressed monsters, witches, superheroes and more hit the streets to Trick or Treat.  While Halloween can be a fun night for both kids and adults, there are many dangers associated with it.  Learn some valuable Halloween safety tips in the following from Safe Kids Worldwide to ensure your little ghosts and goblins have a fun and safe Halloween night!

Safe Kids Worldwide:  Halloween Safety Tips


A Step in the Right Direction — Forward

The Forward Movement, an advocacy group, is working hard to raise awareness and make change in Ontario.  The group is working to have Ontario officially adopt the Dynamic Symbol of Access to replace the currently used International Symbol of Access.  Why?  The dynamic symbol shows action and movement symbolizing differing abilities and can help to change the way society views disability.

It was all about the disability, and not about the person,” says Dylan Itzikowitz, co-founder of The Forward Movement, about the current symbol.

Learn more about The Forward Movement in the following article from CBC News.

CBC News:  Accessibility activists want to ditch iconic symbol highlighting the wheelchair, not the person

How can you support The Forward Movement?  Sign the petition, make a donation, follow The Forward Movement on social media, and/or become a Proud Partner like us.  Learn more about these great ways to get involved by visiting


No Excuses: Daily Healthy Activity Tracking Tool

In our busy day to day lives it can be difficult to make time to put yourself first.  Healthy habits such as hydration, exercise, sleep and “me time” often get put on the back-burner or forgotten as we spend our time getting stuff done.  However, to achieve optimal mental and physical health you need to put yourself first!  Use our printable Daily Health Tracker to help create healthy habits and keep yourself accountable to ensure you are getting daily physical activity, drinking enough water, achieving a proper sleep, and making time to do the things that make you happy.



























For more helpful tools for both children and adults visit our Printable Resources Page.


Tech Support: Learning Made Simple

In the digital age we live in if you are not fluent with the latest technology you can get left behind or struggle to keep up if you don’t know how to use it.  Those with cognitive difficulties and older adults who do not frequently use technology may find themselves needing some extra assistance to learn to use helpful apps and software.  Our colleagues at Lawlor Therapy Services have launched a series, Tuesday Tech Tips, providing how-to videos on some of the most frequently used and helpful pieces of technology.  If you could benefit from extra assistance maximizing the use of your computer, tablet or smart phone, this series is for you!

Lawlor Therapy Services:  Tuesday Tech Tips Series


Fireworks Safety

Celebrating summer with fireworks is something many of us do.  Fireworks are exciting to watch, but are very dangerous and must be used properly.  Natural Resources Canada has created a fireworks safety video with purchasing, storage, usage and disposal tips. Check it out to make sure you and your family enjoy a sensational and safe fireworks display.

Natural Resources Canada:  Fireworks Safety Video


Summer Safety for Pets

We have posted previous on our blog about Summer Health Hazards for you and your family, but what about Fido?  Summer can be a wonderful time for pets, but it’s important to think about their safety during the warm weather months.  The following from Health Magazine provides some summer safety tips for dogs.  Check it out to be sure to protect your family pets.

Health Magazine:    5 Summer Safety Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

Also remember that it is not safe, and not legal, to leave a pet in the car unattended.  Learn more about the dangers and what to do if you see a dog in distress from the No Hot Pets campaign.


Ticks and Lyme Disease — What you Need to Know

In Ontario, the number of ticks and the instances of Lyme disease are on the rise.  Many feel this is due to climate change, but whatever the reason, more than ever it’s important to protect and educate yourself about ticks and Lyme disease.  The following from the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation is a fantastic resource on prevention, tick identification, safe tick removal, and more.  Awareness is key to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation:  Lyme Prevention


Flotation Devices 101

As we prepare for another long weekend and the second half of summer let’s discuss water safety.  Summer is a time for boating, camping, cottaging and spending time in and on the water.  Safety for children and adults is key.  Learn about the difference between a lifejacket and a PFD, when to use either, and how to properly fit these in the following from Parachute.

Parachute: Lifejackets and personal flotation devices


Summer Stress Reduction Strategies

As Canadians, we are well-known for making the most of our short summer months! We often fill them with day trips, weekends away, and vacations with family or friends. However,  this summer fun can also bring on “summer stress” with all of the errand running, planning, organization and co-ordination that’s required to make that summer fun possible. Everyone sees and defines “stress” differently, but whether you recognize these additional demands as being “stressful” or not, they certainly weigh on our minds and add to the mental list of things we need to accomplish and manage in our days.

So what can Occupational Therapy do to help? Stress management is one area where Occupational Therapists can make suggestions that are helpful.  These suggestions can help you to get the most fun from your summer, while preventing and managing the inevitable summer stress. Below you will find some general examples of the kinds of Occupational Therapy strategies that can help you limit and manage your summer stressors.