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Tips for a Healthier Dining Out Experience

Eating out for pleasure is always a treat, however, for the many who find dining out to be a large part of their work-life on a regular basis, restaurant dining can lose its appeal!  Although recently more restaurants have expanded menus to include healthier options, large portion sizes and high sodium levels can put the diners’ health at risk.

Learn some great tips on how to make healthier choices when dining out in the following article care of Forbes Magazine.

Forbes:  How To Eat Healthy In A Restaurant


Meal Preparation: Tips to Save Time and Energy

Making healthy and satisfying meals takes a lot of time and energy.  For those living with injury, illness, or the effects of aging cooking can become something that easily zaps precious energy.  The following care of Tru-Therapy Kitchen, an OT website focused on promoting optimal function and independence in the kitchen, discusses 5 great “hacks” that can help save time and energy when making meals.

Tru-Therapy Kitchen:  5 Energy Conservation Tips for Meal Prepping


Back to School: Make Ahead School Lunches

Packing your child’s lunch can seem like a daunting, never ending task, but with a little prep work you can suffer short term pain for long term gain!  With just over 10 days left before the big day, try some of these tips and recipes care of The Organized Housewife for lunches and snacks you can make ahead and freeze, which can save you some early morning stress in September and beyond.

The Organized Housewife:  50+ Freezer friendly lunch box food ideas


Saying Good-bye to Gluten? Think Twice

May is Celiac Awareness Month and for those with celiac disease, an estimated 2% of Canadians, going gluten-free is a must.  Celiac disease is more than a gluten intolerance, it is a genetic autoimmune disease that is triggered by the consumption of gluten.  To learn more check out our post:  What is Celiac Disease?

So why are so many others saying good-bye to gluten?  What effect does going gluten-free have on the other 98% of the population?  The answer is:  nothing.  The following from CBC News discusses a recent study and its findings that:  “going gluten free is not a magic bullet for losing weight and improving your health for individuals who don’t have celiac disease.” Check out the article to learn more about the study and its findings.

CBC News:  Healthy hearts: Gluten-free diets don’t help people without celiac disease, study finds


Why You Should Reduce Your Salt Intake

Eating well for a healthy heart requires you to monitor your intake of salt.  Sodium can lead to high blood pressure and water retention, both of which can lead to heart disease.  Learn more about how reducing sodium intake can help lower blood pressure and more in the following care of the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal.

McMaster Optimal Aging Portal:  Does salt really affect blood pressure?