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Be Prepared on the Road

While driving is usually simply an adventure of fighting traffic to get from point A to point B, sometimes circumstances beyond our control can get in the way.  Weather conditions, breakdowns, accidents and more can leave you stranded at the side of the road.  As a driver it’s important to be prepared for these situations by having emergency items in your vehicle at all times.  Many kits can be purchased online and at local retailers, or you can create your own emergency car kit, but ensuring you have these basic items in your trunk.



























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Simple Solutions for Seasonal Home Maintenance

It is commonly suggested to change your smoke alarm batteries when we change the clocks to either Spring Forward or Fall Backward.  But what other home maintenance tasks should you be doing and when?  Download our free Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist to help you keep your home healthy, safe and in good repair year-round.



























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Struggling with Sleep? Try This Helpful Tool

Proper sleep is vital to our mental and physical health, and lack of sleep can negatively affect productivity and function.  If you suffer from poor sleep, know that you are not alone.  Statistics Canada estimates that approximately 3.5 million Canadians struggle with sleep.  There are many ways to get help and in all of these, tracking your sleep is an important tool.  Use our free printable Two-Part Weekly Sleep Diary to help you track and identify what helps and what hinders your sleep habits.  Simply print and fill in your diaries before bed each night and when you wake up each morning.

Also check out our video Improving Sleep to learn some solutions from Occupational Therapists that can help.

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Closet Organization Solutions

With the arrival of spring it’s time to reorganize your closet for the warmer months ahead.  When season’s change it’s the opportune time to prepare for the change in weather by taking stock of what you have, purchasing any items you need, donating any items you no longer wear, and reorganizing so the clothing you need is accessible to you.

Use our printable Seasonal Clothing Inventory Worksheet to help you ensure you have all the items you will need for the changing seasons.



























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Solutions for Simple Decision Making

Making decisions can be difficult.  Whether big or small, the decisions we make often affect not only our own lives, but the lives of others.  For those who struggle with anxiety and other mental health issues, or who have suffered a brain injury decision making can become increasingly problematic.

If you are struggling with decision making, we recommend using our free printable decision maker to help you thoroughly weigh the options and help you reach the best conclusion.

For each decision you need to make, simply list the pros and cons of deciding YES vs deciding NO.



























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Helpful Tool for Managing Chronic Pain

Pain is a common occurrence following an injury, illness, or traumatic event like a motor vehicle accident. While pain does play an important role in alerting us to potential dangers, injury, or an impending problem, it can also become a significant barrier to function as it can often continue long after the dangerous situation resolves.

Chronic pain is difficult to treat and manage because of all the different factors that contribute to its intensity, frequency, and the many variables that can make it better or worse. Stress, depression, feelings of loss of control, pressures at work or home, and other mental or emotional factors affect pain perception.

Occupational Therapists often recommend keeping track of the intensity of your pain and the activities and/or variables which may have contributed.  Use this printable pain diary to help you and your healthcare provider monitor and manage your chronic pain.

Learn more about how Occupational Therapists help provide solutions for people living with Chronic Pain in our post:  Chronic Pain a Problem? Try OT

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Monitoring Your Mood

In our previous post, Blue Monday and Beyond – Tips to Beat the Winter Blues we discussed how some research suggests that up to 15% of people in Ontario experience the “winter blues” and 2-3% of the population suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, SAD or simply the “winter blues” being aware of your feelings, thoughts, emotions and overall mood can help you to understand and cope.  The following printable “Mood Diary” will help you to track when you are feeling a certain emotion, the intensity of it, the situational aspects and the effectiveness of your coping mechanisms.  Doing so will give you and your healthcare professionals a better understanding of the problem.

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The Ultimate Weekly Meal Planner

When it comes to eating well, taking time to plan your meals is the number one way to ensure you eat healthy.  It prevents reactive eating, saves time, money and ensures you eat a healthier diet.

Each Saturday or Sunday take time to plan your menu for the week ahead and shop accordingly.  Doing so will save those extra trips to the grocery store or drive-thru which cost you time and money.

Use our FREE printable Weekly Meal Planner to help!  Simply print and fill out each week.

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Goal Planning Barriers and Facilitators

Now that you’ve set goals for the year ahead using our SMART Goal Planning worksheet, let’s delve deeper into how to achieve these goals by looking at barriers and facilitators towards success.  While a barrier is something that may stand in the way of you achieving your goal, such as time or budget constraints, a facilitator is something that can help you, such as a helpful friend or professional.

Considering the goals you’ve set take time to look at the barriers and how you will overcome these and the facilitators you can utilized to help you reach your goal using our printable worksheets.





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Goal Planning Guide

To assist you with your goal and resolution planning for the year ahead we present the SMART Goal Planner.  In our previous post, The Complete Guide to New Year’s Resolution Success, we discussed the need to create a SMART goal.  Which means a goal should be:

SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) goal setting concept presented on blackboard with colorful crumpled sticky notes and white chalk handwriting

Use this printable worksheet to help you create and achieve your SMART goals in 2017!




























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